About Us


Welcome to the website of Saint Henry Lutheran Mission, where we preach Christ Crucified for the salvation of the world!

Saint Henry Lutheran Mission provides Christian pastoral care in Northwestern Wisconsin and the Western Upper Peninsula of Michigan through its affiliated congregations.  Click on a link below for additional information about each site:

Video recordings of recent sermons preached at our locations are posted weekly on YouTube and then linked to this website.  Click this link to access these video recordings.

Saint Henry Lutheran Mission also offers in-home pastoral care and pastoral counseling by The Reverend Jeffrey A. Ahonen.  There is no fee charged for these services (though donations to the church are accepted with gratitude).

To contact Pastor Ahonen for more information regarding this website, our congregations, or our pastoral care services, call 715-403-3272 or e-mail pastor@wepreachchristcrucified.org.

Saint Henry Lutheran Mission is a nonprofit (nonstock) corporation organized as a church under the laws of the State of Wisconsin.

This site, like the Church and the Christian, is always under reformation.  Please return often to check on our progress!


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